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Prepared By: Darrell Freitag | President

The information contained in this document is confidential, and must not be reproduced or passed on to a third party.

General Information

Our "Company Survey and Audit Report" is also available. The report is designed to answer those questions frequently asked by our customers.


Precise Products was founded in 1956 by Benedict Lachowitzer. Precise Products Corporation is an employee owned company specializing in precision machining of close tolerance parts. Throughout the years, Precise has been a key supplier for various defense and aerospace related companies. Traditionally Precise has focused it's efforts on producing products that are very close tolerance or made from high temperature materials, or both.

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Org Chart


Key Customers

Current key customers:



Period (years)


Rockwell International Collins Avionics and Communications

Since 1956


Rockwell International Collins Air Transport

Since 1956


Rockwell International Collins General Aviation

Since 1970


BF Goodrich - Rosemount Aerospace Division

Since 1956


Woodward Governor Company

Since 1995


Honeywell Grimes Aerospace

Since 1998

Payment Terms

Our general payment terms are : Net 30 days

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Operations & Shift Hours

Please see the  equipment & facility list for additional information.

The shift patterns for the key departments, at our facility (we have one facility).


Days Per Week

Shifts/Day and Duration (hours)

Entire Shop and Office/Engineering

Monday - Friday

8-10 hour shifts

Milling Dept.

Monday - Friday

Both Days and Nights 8-10 hour shifts.

Turning Dept.

Monday - Friday

Both Days and Nights 8-10 hour shifts.

Quality Dept.

Monday - Friday

Day shift only

Shipping Dept.

Monday - Friday

Day shift only




Material & Product Control

Product and material is identified throughout the manufacturing process.

All parts running in the shop are accompanied by a shop process packet and a labor card that clearly identifies the part number, quantity, delivery dates, and entire customer address and shipping instructions. Additional process/machine information is also included in this packet.

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Order Tracking

All jobs are assigned a Precise Products Job number. Each job is scheduled using a software program called JobBOSS . The scheduling software allows us to set production dates based on the customer requirements as well as the number of labor hours required to run the individual job. In addition to using the software, we also have departmental meetings each day to review the progress of any job that requires extra attention or is not running to plan. These status meetings are made up of the various department leaders and our Customer Service Representative.

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Do you use any JIT replenishment systems with any of your other customers?
( X ) Yes ( ) No

Some examples:

In one case we receive a plastic injection molded part in large quantities, and we are expected to finish machine enough each week to stay ahead of their needs. Parts are packaged in lots of (80) pieces in order to meet the line requirements.

In another project, we run parts to the customer’s schedule and ship parts in a reusable box. The customer’s schedule is fed to us using a forecast. This project has a (2) week machining and plating cycle prior to shipping. Precise Products has produced over 70,000 pieces using the cellular manufacturing methods to date.

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Shop Load

It is our intent to run our shop at about 75% capacity. Upon reaching our capacity goals we explore the option of either adding people and/or equipment. Our internal goals include a growth pattern of 15% annually.

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Quality System

Please view our on-line quality manual, procedures and work instructions for additional information.

The Precise Products quality program is in compliance with Mil-A-45208 and effective May 2001 meets all the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100:2001-08. Our quality manual has been converted to meet the ISO standard and we are auditing and updating our internal systems to insure compliance.

All parts produced at PPC are inspected at several levels. All setups are required to pass inspection prior to production. During production we require routine inspections based on customer requirements or the demands of the job. These routine inspections are done by both the operator and the quality department. Upon completion of the lot, and prior to shipment, all parts must pass through a final inspection process. The final inspection includes checking and recording actual dimensions. The final inspection report is kept on file for (15) years.<

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Equipment and Facility

Please see the Equipment & Facility list for additional information.

Precise continues to add at new turning centers and milling centers. It is our philosophy to provide our customers with leading edge capabilities and our employees with the very best tools available.

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Human Resources

Total number of permanent employees: 60

Total number of temporary employees: 3 (Generally we have several students through the local High School work program)

Total number of employees in each of the departments listed below:

Production Control 1
Purchasing: 2
Quality : 3
Finance: 1
Production: 36
Administration: 4
Logistics (Shipping & Receiving): 3
Plant Maintenance: 1
Others (define): Engineers 3
Shop Foreman 1
Dept leaders 3
Paint Dept. 4
Tool Crib 1

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Labor Relations

In the history of your company (last 10 years) we have never suffered any labor disputes.

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Risk Management

PPC as taken steps to address a major property loss.

Depending upon the damage incurred, Precise Products would be willing and able to continue business as soon as feasibly possible. PPC has business interruption insurance to cover the replacement cost of all equipment and provide resources to either relocate or rebuild as necessary.

Our properties have security alarm systems for:

  • Fire sprinkler discharge

  • Burglary

  • Smoke detection

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General Management

PPC is willing to develop a customized business relationship (including financial and technological) with a customer.

Any special relationship would be evaluated on it’s own merit and would require planning and implementation to suit.

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Management Information Systems (MIS)

Computer hardware and software is used extensively in our business (general business administration, engineering, manufacturing, etc.).

Precise Products uses computers throughout the operation. We have over 20 PC’s used for tracking jobs, writing process sheets, developing drawings for tooling and shop use, DNC control of machining equipment, quoting, EDI, E-mail, internet access (full time dsl), drawing/data transfer, and general office administration.

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Please see our "Capabilities" page for additional information.

Precise Products is currently using AutoCAD to develop internal drawings and tool design. We use Virtual Gibbs for CAM abilities. Virtual Gibbs has the ability to import data directly from a number of sources including all the major CAD systems.

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PPC has an established and maintained system in place, to ensure that all incoming purchased material conforms to specified requirements.
Please see our on-line Quality management system.

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Purchase Order Fulfillment Requirements

Certification: Precise Products Corporation (PPC) Suppliers must be ISO 9000  certified or have an equivalent Quality System.

ITAR/EAR: PPC orders may contain "ITAR" and/or "EAR" controlled documents which must be controlled per all applicable US regulations.

Non-Conforming Product: Suppliers must notify PPC of any change in product and/or process definition and obtain approval prior to shipping non-conforming product.

Subcontractors: Suppliers must notify PPC if subcontract work is flowed down to a subtier supplier.  All subtier suppliers must be approved by PPC prior to any work by them.

Right of Entry: PPC and/or their customers and regulatory authorities reserve the right of entry to all facilities involved in orders and to all applicable records and systems.

Record Retention: PPC requires 11 years of record retention.  'Customer approved' suppliers must comply with the customer's record retention requirements.

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Precise Products is privately held. Only the President and the Chairman of the Board have the authority to provide financial information. Precise Products has been in business for nearly fifty years and currently enjoys an appropriate retained earnings position.

Please feel free to contact Darrell Freitag for further discussion or questions.


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Copyright Precise Products. All rights reserved.

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