Receiving Dept. Work Instructions
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Receiving Dept. Work Instructions

Control # 130.1 / Rev. / A

I. Purpose

To establish instructions for receiving materials.

II. Responsibilities

The Receiving Supervisor is responsible for the maintenance of this work instruction.

1 Receiving Instructions [receiving department]

Receiving shall receive and log all materials and parts used in the engineering, assembly, and manufacturing.
Receiving will log all material and product returning from outside processes.

Raw Material

Receiving shall attach a receiving tag or an accepted material traveler card to all raw materials received.

Other Materials

Material that has been processed by outside vendors or purchased for customer jobs shall be logged and submitted to inspection.

All Materials

  • Receiving shall verify supplier provided packing slips with a copy of the PPC purchase order.

  • These tags shall be marked with the purchase order number and if applicable, the material type and work order (job) number.

  • Receiving shall use a permanent marker to identify accepted raw materials.

  • Receiving shall perform a visual verification of all incoming parts and materials.

  • Parts and materials will be forwarded to receiving inspection.

Items exempt from receiving and receiving inspection procedures will be items which do not add direct cost to a job such as:

  • Office supplies

  • Tool room supplies

  • Janitorial supplies

  • Educational materials

  • Quality documents

Items NOT exempt from receiving and receiving inspection procedures will be items which may not add direct cost to a job such as:

  • Raw materials

  • Materials received from special process vendors such as coating, painting, machining, heat treating, etc.

  • Tooling and gages

These are generic listings and do not necessarily include all exempt and non-exempt items.
Commercial items will not be subject to dimensional inspection unless required by the customer. However, receiving shall verify commercial item part numbers and the quantities received with the purchase orders.
If any discrepancies or defects are discovered, receiving shall promptly inform inspection.
Purchasing and Quality will be notified and the materials will be segregated into a holding area until all matters are resolved.

<end> Control # 130.1 / Rev. / A


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