Drawings, Specs. & Change Control
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Drawings, Specs. & Change Control

Control # 110.4 / Rev. / A

I. Purpose

To provide work instructions for the proper control of changes to Drawings and Specifications.

II. Responsibilities

The Engineering Manager has overall responsibility for this procedure.
Estimators, Engineers and Department and Project Managers are responsible for compliance with this procedure at the project, job, or process level.
Where appropriate the Quality Manager shall provide support and review prior to release of manufacturing processes.

1 Procedure - Drawings, Specifications & Change Control

Sales Department
All engineering changes, blue prints and specification changes from our customers shall be forwarded to the engineering manager or engineer assigned to the project. The engineering manager or manufacturing engineer shall review the changes.
A file of all purchase orders is kept in the main office and is made accessible at all times to Quality and Engineering personnel.

Engineering /Processing Department
Has the prime responsibility for engineering documentation review and control. When appropriate the quality manager will assist in this responsibility.
Engineering shall insure that all drawings and specifications required have been received.
Engineering shall issue the latest revision blue prints and specifications to the appropriate departments as needed.
Shall ensure those customer drawings, specifications, etc. as received from the sales department, are filed in the appropriate file.
Confidential prints are not allowed in production area. They will be retained in the job folder located in the office.
Engineering drawings are to be reviewed for completeness and latest revision. Supplemental specifications, such as process instructions and design - related work instructions are to be reviewed by engineering for completeness and revision level with corrective action taken regarding discrepancies.
Engineering Change Orders (ECO's) and Engineering Change Requests (ECR's) will be reviewed to determine if they are correct, complete and in compliance with standards and establish areas or points of control for changes that have been approved.

2 There are two procedures for changing documentation

Emergency Changes:
The process engineer, project manager or supervisor can make changes on the spot by writing the change on the process sheet, step print(s) and blue print(s).
The authorized person making the change must initial and date the change on all copies of the documentation affected [using red ink].
The person authorizing the change is responsible for follow up activities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Ensuring the change(s) are effective and have been implemented properly.

  • Notifying the originator of the process or specification of the change.

  • Complying with the company procedure for controlling documentation.

Suggested Changes [Process improvement ideas, tooling suggestions, etc.]

The appropriate suggestion form is filled out and placed in the job file. The process engineer, project manager or department manager will review the suggestion and make a determination if it should be implemented or not.
Changes to processes shall be documented and controlled per the written instructions contained in the procedure for documentation control.

3 Verification of Changes

Engineering verifies all documentation changes.
Engineering verifies all changes to prototype and production process.
Engineering will monitor the incorporation of production and assembly changes at the designated points of control, taking corrective action where discrepancies are found. When appropriate the Quality Manager will verify the correct incorporation of changes.
Upon completion of an order, all customer prints and Step operations are recalled to the Job Folder. Periodically, the drawings are updated to include any changes in tooling or internal processes for ease of manufacture or cost reduction.
These folders are retained for a reasonable length of time, and then are stored for future reference.
Specification changes or purchase order revisions received from the customer are transmitted to the Engineering Department. Depending upon the effectiveness of the change, the masters will be revised, copies issued, and coordinated with the departments involved. The original customer's change notice is retained in the engineering folder.
All obsolete operational drawings and customer prints are collected by Engineering and either destroyed or marked "obsolete".

4 Quality Assurance

When appropriate a complete package of blue prints and processes is forwarded to the Quality Manager for review of requirements as noted on the purchase order.
Reference the procedure for controlling documentation and records for additional instructions.

<end> Control # 110.4 / Rev. / A


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