Estimating Work Instruction
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Estimating Work Instruction

Control # 110.1 / Rev. / A

I. Purpose

To provide work instructions for Estimating.

II. Responsibilities

The Engineering Manager has overall responsibility for this procedure.
Estimators, Engineers and Project Managers are responsible for compliance with this procedure at the project, job, or process level.

1 Estimating

Estimating receives the RFQ from the customer.
Estimating Reviews:

  • Bill of materials

  • Drawing requirements

  • All related paperwork

  • Identifies critical characteristics

  • Defines the customer requirements


The estimating review shall address PPC ability to comply with the contract.
The estimator responsible for the contract shall immediately inform the Engineering Manager of any discrepancies or inability to complete the customer requirements.
Engineering will contact the customer and resolve the problem.

Estimating Procedure

The estimating process includes but is not limited to the following:

  • material requirements

  • labor requirements

  • outside processes

  • packaging

Once the estimate is complete the completed estimate is supplied to the Engineering Manager.
Reference the procedure for sales and marketing for additional information.

Upon receiving RFQ:

1) Check for previous jobs.
2) Check or previous quotes.
3) Compare revision level to previous quote.
4) Log into MSE.
5) Estimating and/or Engineering to complete the estimate.
6) Check estimate for material pricing and quantities.
7) Check estimate for outside services required.
8) Check for leadtimes of outside services and materials.
9) Check for tooling pricing.
10) Adjust margins.
11) Submit quote.

Control # 110.1 / Rev. / A


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