Statistical Methods
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Statistical Methods

Control # 210 / Rev. / A

I. Purpose

To establish procedure, responsibility, authority and general instructions for the use of statistical methods in the quality system.

II. Policy

It is the policy of PPC to utilize modern statistical methods during all stages of planning and production.

III. Responsibilities

The Quality Assurance Manager shall appoint an SPC coordinator to administer the program.
When contractually required to do so, Quality shall obtain prior approval of the customer for the statistical methods or sampling plan to be used.

1 References

  • AT&T Statistical Quality Control Handbook

  • Boeing SQS

  • SPC Instructions

2 General

The use of statistical techniques shall not be limited to inspection but shall also be used in the following functions:

  • Sales

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Process control and process capability studies

  • Inspection plans

  • Process improvement

Quality shall develop procedures and work instructions for inspection sampling based on the use of statistical methods.
Where practical statistical methods are the preferred method to control the quality of our product, suppliers and business in general.

3 Records

The Quality Manager shall determine what statistical data to keep and retention periods based on the requirements of the product, job customer or other requirements.

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