Handling & Shipping
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Handling & Shipping Procedure

Control # 180 / Rev. / A

I. Purpose

To establish procedures and responsibilities for material handling and shipping.

II. Policy

All fabricated parts and finished products shall be handled in a manner that provides protection from damage and ensures that customer requirements are satisfied. A final product verification shall be conducted prior to shipping product to the customer.

III. Responsibilities

The Quality Assurance department is responsible for the maintenance of this procedure.
Quality personnel shall monitor the handling of product and material to assure that practices are commensurate with the sensitivity of the products being handled and storage areas are adequate to prevent damage or deterioration.
The shipping and receiving clerks are responsible for ensuring that all materials are properly marked, packaged, transported and stored and that applicable documents are sent with the product.

1 Purchase orders and documentation.

Shipping shall use the shop packet for handling, packaging and shipping instructions.
The files shall be returned to engineering when complete.

2 Shipping product to outside vendors for processing.

Prior to shipping any product, parts, materials or assemblies to subcontractors for processing the shipping clerk or a representative of the department is responsible for providing all required information.

3 Identification, Packaging, Installation

There are documented work instructions for handling and product identification
These instructions are intended to provide sufficient protection from handling related damage and to ensure accurate product identification.
The Quality or Project Manager is responsible for determining the procedures for controlling completed material, including shipping instructions.
Completed products awaiting packaging, preservation and shipping shall be cleaned and stored so as to prevent damage from conditions occurring during handling and storage.
Shipping shall process all related documentation including: Packing slips, address labels and inspection reports.
Shipping shall arrange for shipments per the instructions on the purchase order unless otherwise specified by the Project or Quality Manager.
Finished products that are to be stored in house, shall be properly identified.

4 OverRun Stock Control Procedure

All product that is stocked is adequately packaged to prevent deterioration or damage.
A segregated area will be provided for storage of overrun stock.
Records of all overrun stock are maintained.
Materials issued from stock shall be re-inspected for compliance prior to shipping.

<end> Control # 180 / Rev. / A


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