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Control # 150 / Rev. / A

I Purpose

To establish procedures and responsibilities for the control and calibration of measuring and test equipment.

II. Policy

All instruments, tools and gages used to verify product conformance will be verified and controlled for accuracy by the Quality Department in accordance with MIL-STD-45662 - (latest revision). All such instruments and equipment shall be calibrated and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

III. Responsibilities

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for establishing and maintaining a system for the strict control of all measuring and test equipment used by PPC.

1 Measurement Control

As required, the control of measuring and test equipment shall include the following elements:
Documented procedures for the proper selection of measuring and test instruments that are capable of the necessary precision.
Identification of all inspection and test equipment that can affect quality.
Traceability to reference standards (NIST) of known accuracy and stability. Where no standard exists the method of calibration shall be documented.
Control and calibration system shall also extend to computer software, manufacturing jigs, fixtures and tooling used for measuring and testing.
Customer furnished gaging shall be inspected and controlled.

2 Calibration Department

The Calibration Department is responsible for the identification, calibration, repair, and calibration record keeping of all measuring and test equipment devices and all measurement standards. The records must offer traceability to the National Institute of Standards Technology.
All standards used for calibration of instruments and gages shall be calibrated by an approved standards laboratory.
All personnel and departments using measuring and test equipment have the responsibility for seeing that of equipment is not used when its' calibration period has expired.
Calibration status identification is accomplished through the use of a sticker applied to each item of measurement standards, measuring equipment and test equipment (where space and size permit).
Each inspected gage or instrument used for inspection shall have a tag or decal affixed to it with the following information on it:

  • Date of calibration

  • Identification of the person performing the calibration.

  • Date of next calibration due.

  • A record of each controlled gage or instrument shall be maintained by the Quality Assurance Calibration Department.

  • Such record shall contain the following minimum information:

    • Identification traceable to the gage or instrument.
      Calibration frequency
      Identification of the standard to be used for the calibration

The Calibration Department has the responsibility of continually examining the calibration intervals assigned to the measurement devices and extending or shortening them as required.

3 Working Instruments - Calibration

All dimensional working instruments are to be certified as to their accuracy upon purchase.
Detailed calibration procedures will be provided by the Quality Control Manager.
A mandatory recall system shall be employed to assure compliance to calibration schedules.

4 Tamper Proof Seals

The Calibration Department is responsible for the identification, calibration, affixing of tamper proof seals, and record keeping of all devices that require special precautions to guard against unauthorized adjustment.
The calibration department is the only authority that may apply or remove tamper proof seals.

5 Outside Testing

The Quality Manager may, as required, use qualified outside services.
When required, the Quality Manager shall obtain customer approval to use outside calibration or testing services.
Outside testing will be done by capable subcontractors and with measurement standards that are certified and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, certifications are required to MIL-STD-45662A specifications.

6 Employee Owned Measuring Equipment

Employee owned measurement instruments used for acceptance shall be subject to all controls of the calibration system.
Employees shall, under no circumstances, use their measurement instruments or equipment if they are not calibrated.
The Calibration Department is responsible for the calibration of personal measuring equipment .

7 Supplier Measurement Control

The control of measuring and test equipment is extended to all approved suppliers.

8 Corrective Action

All PPC personnel shall report to the Quality Manager any measuring equipment or instruments found to be outside the required calibration limits. The Quality Manager is responsible for evaluating the occurrence.

<end> Control # 150 / Rev. / A


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