Process Control
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Process Control

Control # 140 / Rev. / A

I. Purpose

To establish a procedure for the uniform and timely control of production.

II. Policy

The procedure will assure control of the production process that will result in a high level of quality and meet all of the applicable standards and specifications.

III. Responsibilities

The Engineering Manager and his staff shall maintain this procedure and the process that it controls.
Department Managers have direct responsibility for implementing and maintaining production control procedures. The Quality Manager will report to management on the effectiveness of the production control system and the ability to meet or exceed company and customer requirements and objectives. The Quality Manager is responsible for stamps used to indicate inspection status.

IV. Definitions
There are three basic types of manufacturing processed at PPC :

Prototype - This type of project or process is experimental in nature. The process is controlled by the Engineer and / or the customer. The Engineer for this job or process has overall responsibility for determining the required inspection, test, process controls and documenting the results.

Production - This type of project or process is often referred to as "Short Run" or "Production" work. This type of work includes tooling, special machines, and lower volume machining and assembly work.

Assembly/Second Operation - Is either prototype or production for manufacturing with additional assembly process requirements. Reference the assembly/second operation work instructions.

1 General

All personnel who are involved in prototype, production and assembly process are subjected to this procedure.
Engineering and Quality are responsible for providing any work instructions necessary to the production and acceptance process.

  • Quality shall monitor conformance to any work instructions.

  • Quality shall monitor conformance to any inspection procedures.

2 Documentation

All required master documentation is contained in the file folder in the office.
Prior to the release to production the releasing authority shall review the previous orders, paperwork and update the masters.

3 Release to Production

The Department, Project or Quality Manager may release orders to production.
These Managers have the authority to reject any process that does not meet the requirements of the Quality System in place at PPC .
Refer to the procedure for Estimating, Engineering and Processing.

4 Verification of Documents

Prior to release to manufacturing, engineering will review all documentation.
Manufacturing and /or quality will review all documentation issued by engineering.

5 Process Change Control

Reference the work instruction for change control.
All written documentation used to provide instructions and/or control production is issued on a controlled basis.

6 Control of Non-Conforming Product

Reference the procedure for control of non-conforming product

7 Jig and Fixture Qualification

Jigs and fixtures used for inspection are calibrated and controlled by the quality department.
Jigs and fixtures used for manufacturing are qualified based on the results of 1st piece and in-process inspection results of the product.

<end> Control # 140 / Rev. / A

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