Receiving & Materials
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Receiving & Materials

Control # 130 / Rev. / A

I. Purpose

To establish policy, procedures and responsibilities for receiving, receiving inspection and material control.

II. Policy

All parts and materials that are to be used in production shall be positively identified, marked, and verified to meet all applicable requirements.

III. Responsibilities

The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for the maintenance of this procedure.
The Quality Assurance Manager or designated quality representatives are responsible for performing the necessary inspection to ensure that all materials and parts are in conformance with applicable standards and specifications.
The designated quality representatives may include:

  • Department managers

  • Project managers

  • Inspectors

  • Production supervisors

  • Receiving personnel

1 General

The Quality Department determines the extent and scope of inspection required.
Receiving personnel are responsible for clearly identifying and properly storing all parts and materials that are to be used in production. Special consideration shall be given to shelf life material.

2 Receiving Quality Records

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the selection, identification and collection of all receiving inspection records necessary to monitor supplier performance and for establishing product traceability.
All material certs, certificate of conformance, inspection / test results and SPC data provided by the supplier as required shall be retained by Quality.

3 Material Control and Traceability

The Quality Department is responsible for:
Implementing procedures to ensure that prior to production, all materials and parts are in conformance with requirements.
Material and parts that are to be used in production are identified.
The Quality Department determines that the materials are acceptable shall be responsible for ensuring materials are identified and controlled.
Receiving personnel shall establish and maintain traceability of materials by following procedures for receiving, logging in and identifying parts and materials.

4 Raw Material Control

Only raw materials that have been accepted by receiving inspection shall be released for production.

5 Material Identification

Quality shall routinely review the raw material area to ensure that procedures are being followed.
Quality shall periodically review the procedures for receiving, inspecting, marking, and storing certified raw materials to ensure compliance of these procedures.

<end> Control # 130 / Rev. / A


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