Internal Audits
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Internal Audits

Section 24.0 / Rev. / A

I. Policy

Internal audits are planned and performed under controlled conditions to verify the effectiveness of the quality system.

II. Reference

ISO 9002 / 9002 : Auditing the Quality System

1 Schedule

Each area of the company and requirements of the quality system are audited at a minimum of once a year.

2 General Procedures

Independent, qualified personnel will conduct required audits.

Requirements for conducting internal audits are documented.

The purpose of independent - internal audits is to verify ,whether activities are planned, are they effective, and do they meet the requirements of the quality system.

3 Results

The results of internal audits are documented and reviewed with the personnel having responsibility in the area being audited.

4 Corrective Action

When required, corrective action is carried out in accordance with documented procedures.

The area supervisor or designated team are responsible for taking timely corrective action.

When corrective action is completed, a re-audit of the area will be conducted to verify the effectiveness of the corrective action.

5 Records

Records are maintained of all internal audits completed.

Section 24.0/ Rev. / A 10/2/96


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