Quality Records
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Quality Records

Section 23.0 / Rev./ A

I. Policy

The identification, collection, indexing, access, filing, storing and disposition of quality records is a documented procedure.

II. Reference

ISO 9002 / 9002 : Quality Documentation & Records

1 Quality Records

Quality records are maintained to demonstrate conformance to requirements and to provide an audit trail.
Examples of quality records are:

  • Receiving Records

  • Design & Engineering Reviews

  • Supplier Performance & Audit Reports

  • Inspection and Testing

2 Maintenance

All quality records are legible and indexed.
Quality records are stored and maintained in a suitable environment.
Quality records are readily retrievable.
When contractually required, quality records are available for evaluation by the customer or his representative.

3 Disposition

Retention and disposition of quality records are documented and recorded.

Section 23.0/ Rev. / A 10/2/96


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