Corrective Action
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Corrective Action

Section 21.0 / Rev. / A

I. Policy

Documented procedures are established and maintained for corrective and preventative action.

II. Reference

ISO 9002 / 9002 : Corrective Action

1 Evaluation & Analysis

A planned and documented procedure exists for the evaluation of customer complaints, audit results, rejected in-coming material & supplies, and Discrepant Material Reports. These findings are analyzed to determine Corrective Action required.

2 Corrective Action

Corrective Action is designed to prevent reoccurrence by correcting problems in the process, resolving potential problems, developing supplier relationships and other methods.
Corrective action is implemented to the degree appropriate to the magnitude of the problem.

3 Methods & Controls

Where appropriate statistical analysis and statistical process control is the preferred method of evaluating the results of corrective actions. Other controls are also used to monitor corrective and preventative actions.
4 Records

Corrective actions are documented and records are maintained, including the effectiveness of process changes.

Section 21.0/ Rev. / A 10/2/96


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