Non-Conforming Material
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Non-Conforming Material

Section 20.0 / Rev./ A

I. Policy

Non-conforming material and product is controlled to prevent unintended use.

II. Reference

ISO 9001/9002 : Non-conforming

1 Control of non-conforming material

All incoming material, work in process and completed product is subject to the documented requirements for controlling non-conforming material.
Procedures and work instructions are in place to control the identification, documentation, evaluation, segregation (when practical), and disposition of non-conforming materials and product. Affected functions are notified.

2 Review and Disposition

The responsibility for review and authority for the disposition of non-conforming material and product is defined.
Non-conforming material and product is reviewed and dispositioned in a controlled manner to ensure only approved material or product is released.

3 Re-Inspection

Material or product that is reworked or sorted will be re-inspected according to documented instructions.

Section 20.0/ Rev. / A 10/2/96


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