Calibration - General
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Calibration - General

Section 18.0/Rev./A

I. Policy

Documented procedures have been developed to control inspection, measuring, and test equipment (hardware & software) to ensure accurate measurements.

II. Reference

ISO 9001/9002 : Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment

1 General

Procedures to control equipment are based upon the requirements of MIL 45662-M.

2 Calibration Records

Records of calibration, certifications, I.D. numbers, equipment location, etc. are documented and maintained.

3 Identification

A label, tag or serial number recorded in a log book are methods used to identify the instrument or equipment.

4 Traceability

Calibration of equipment is traceable to nationally recognized standards (NIST). Where no standard exists, the basis for calibration is documented.

5 Environmental Conditions

Inspection, measuring and test equipment is handled, preserved and stored appropriately.

6 Non - Conformance, Corrective Action

Documented procedures and work instructions have been developed to specify what actions are to be taken when inspection and test equipment is found to be out of calibration.

Section 18.0/ Rev. / A 10/2/96

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