Process Control
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Process Control

Section 16.0 / Rev./ A

I. Policy

All manufacturing processes are planned and carried out under controlled conditions.

II. Reference

ISO 9001/9002 : Process Control

1 General

The process control procedures are based on prevention of defects, rather than detection based on inspection results. When needs of the customer differ from the company standards, production is planned in accordance with customer requirements.

2 Manufacturing Procedures and Work Instructions

Documented procedures and work instructions are in place to ensure processes are carried out under controlled conditions.

3 Process Control

Manufacturing processes are verified, monitored and audited.

4 Standards

Appropriate work instructions and workmanship standards have been developed for processes that affect quality.

5 Special Processes

When required, documented instructions and training of personnel are in place for special processes.

6 Records

Records are maintained for qualified processes, equipment and personnel.

Section 16.0/ Rev. / A 10/2/96

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