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Section 14.0 / Rev./ A

I. Policy

Materials and services that have been purchased from vendors shall conform to specified requirements to ensure appropriate levels of quality, value, and service are received.

II. Reference

ISO 9001/9002 : Purchasing

1 Evaluation of Suppliers

Selection of approved suppliers is based on the ability to meet PPC's requirements.
Performance records are maintained.
Where appropriate, supplier quality systems are evaluated and documented.

2 Purchase Orders / Purchasing Information

Suppliers are provided with all required data that is pertinent to the item or service requested.
Information regarding the quality system to be used and/or inspection requirements is clearly defined prior to issuance of the purchase order.
Purchasing documents are reviewed and approved.

3 Receiving Inspection / Verification

Procedures are in place to ensure that incoming material and outside services comply with purchase order requirements.

4 Purchaser Supplied Product

Procedures are developed to properly receive, handle and control customer supplied material.

Section 14.0/ Rev. / A 10/2/96


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