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Section 9.0 / Rev./ A

I. Policy

The Quality System in place at PPC provides for clear lines of responsibility and authority.

II. Reference

ISO 9002 Organization - Responsibility & Authority

1 General

Documented procedures exist for each department or quality system requirement. These procedures describe in detail specific responsibility and authority for processes or tasks.

2 Responsibility and Authority

The President has overall responsibility for the Quality System.
The President has delegated the authority to maintain and support the implementation of the quality system to the Quality Manager. The Quality Manager reports directly to the President.
Department Managers are responsible for ensuring that all personnel in their department understand the quality policy and quality requirements are implemented.

3 Auditing

A regular schedule of internal audits is performed to ensure the Quality System is implemented and maintained.

4 Department Managers

Department Managers are responsible for providing training and appropriate work instructions to personnel in their area of responsibility.

5 Individual Employees

Individual employees are responsible and accountable for verifying their work and the work of other members of their team or cell. Employees also have responsibility and authority to stop the process when the safety, quality, efficiency or capacity requirements are not being met.

6 Verification

Verification, inspection and test requirements are identified.

7 Management Representative

The management representative has the authority and responsibility for ensuring that the requirements of the quality system are implemented and maintained.

Section 9.0/ Rev.


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