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Section 5.0 / Rev./ A

I. Purpose

To provide an introduction and commitment to quality of PPC.

II. Policy

Strategic planning begins with the identification of values that are critical to the organization, because these values directly influence the way people behave. As part of this plan we will continue to update our core values. Some values that have been present since our beginning will undoubtedly continue to be vital for the future.
At Precise we value and encourage:

  • The ability to meet our customers needs

  • The ability to change

  • The work ethics and attitude that support quality and maintain excellence

  • An atmosphere that encourages and expects lifelong learning

1 General

The Methods used in this manual are the standard techniques used in all types of industry. Reference materials were chosen for their world wide industry acceptance.
The requirements of ISO - 9000 and related American National Standard Institute (ANSI), Department of Defense (DOD) are addressed in the quality manual, department procedures and additional work instructions, if needed.

2 The Organization


Precise Products was founded in 1956 by Benedict Lachowitzer. Precise Products Corporation is an employee owned company specializing in precision machining of close tolerance parts. Throughout the years, Precise has been a key supplier for various defense and aerospace related companies. Traditionally Precise has focused it's efforts on producing products that are very close tolerance or made from high temperature materials, or both.


The current facility is located in Minneapolis where we employ 70 people operating eighteen hours a day, five days a week. The building is 36,000 square feet, in all manufacturing areas the temperature and humidity are controlled.

The Sales Manager shall maintain a system for addressing customer complaints and obtaining performance information from our customers.

Section 5.0 / Rev. / A


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